Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Monterey Bay Holiday

The holidays are really nice when your grandparents live in Monterey.  Whether it's a trip to Candy Cane Lane, mulling around in Del Monte Shopping Center, chowder sampling at the wharf, kicking up sand at Dennis the Menace Playground, or just hanging out at the house - us cousins always have a good time.
Usually we oversleep and don't do much touristy stuff, but since Sak's brother was visiting us for Christmas this year, we decided to be more active :)
I'm usually lazy like this seal butt.
 With Cousin A, we rented a surrey on the Monterey bike path! Yes, we were those ridiculous people.
Too bad it wasn't a surrey..with the fringe on top. XD

The weather was abnormally warm and sunny!
I dunno what's up with Sak's gangsta pose. 
Sis: Really? This is so stupid.
We stopped at Cannery Row for drinks and fudge!
salt water taffy for days!
It was fun.  We finished up with a shared plate of fried calamari from the wharf. Mmm.

The next day we joined another batch of cousins - A, S, G, B, S and E - on a trip to the aquarium.  Paw Paw has a huge family membership is all I can say!
It was very crowded since it was a holiday weekend, but it proved a good opportunity to test my new point and shoot camera.  Half of my pictures are still always blurry, but I'm getting there.

This one is my favorite though - hidey ho neighbor.


  1. HAHA Seal butt. :D

    The surrey looks fun! Always wanted to do it in Golden Gate Park but I think we need a good out of town visitor to make us actually do it. :)

    I think. I got. The Home Improvement reference? :oP

  2. We went to the aquarium the day after Christmas!!

  3. thanks for sharing this


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