Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Year at the Zoo

For the last day of 2013, Penga-Sis was up to visit.  We dressed up for no reason, and prepared a delicious shabu shabu meal for the three of us.

New Year's day, we took a trip to the SF Zoo for more new camera practice.
This guy's teeth are as bad as mine :P

Babeh gorilluh!
A little more and you can reach that booger.
Derp lemur sleeping with his eyes open.
Babeh pumba!

Indian runner ducks. Love these guys because they remind me of the Shepherd's Crossing game where the duck carries a wine bottle on his back.

What's he eating? Cow?
Such Squish!
Velociraptors! GAHH!
A great start to the new year.


  1. Gah! The baby pumbas are slaying me with cuteness!

  2. LOL you need a warning not to be eating hot (and spicy) ramen when reading your caption about the llama's teeth!

  3. Thanks for your excellent posting


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