Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Star Wars Exhibit at The Tech

Last Fall for our joint birthdays (I'm older by about 2 weeks), my parents gave Sak and I tickets to the Star Wars exhibit that was coming to the Tech museum in San Jose.

I thought, being that it was at the Tech, that'd it'd be about the science (or lack of science) in Star Wars.  Turns out it's more to showcase the models and costumes from the movies - so I was simultaneously excited and dissapointed, if that makes any sense at all.
There were quite a few model hobbyists there the day we went (maybe a club?) and they were understandably very excited to pore over all the movie models.
Love the big green LED in the Falcon's cockpit, haha.
Such detail!
My mom gave me a Star Wars model kit a little while ago (Yoda's hut, lol), and I watched about an hour of Youtube tutorial videos - getting increasingly overwhelmed by the amount of time, skill and thought that goes into creating realistic models. I'm still too scared to even try it. :P
The inside of Vader's helmet.
"Because he's holding a thermal detonator!"
They used mirrors on the base of the speeder to reflect the sand and hide the wheels - movie magic hover!
Luke's hand. >.>"
The exhibit also proved a treasure trove for costumers, I'm sure!
Who knew Obi-wan had such a fancy belt?
argghh ragghh ragghh rggghh
Wampa is smaller in real life :P
As for actual learning, there were a few interactive zones such as magnetic hover propulsion and robotics.  Sak diligently waited in line with the kiddos so he could test them out.  An A for effort, but his robot had a crappy turn radius. lol.

Anyway, it was small, but well put together in my opinion.  I wanted to do the millennium falcon experience (whatever that is), but it was sold out already.  Kinda made me want to do a marathon. It's been too long! :)
Aunt Beruuuu! Adopt me too!


  1. Hahah! Yeah Tim had to wait in line after the kids, and a few times, they just cut in front of him while he was using the exhibit!!! (Mostly in the Tech Museum part, less so the Star Wars part, though that was croweded too)

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