Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easy DIY Photo Bracelet

I bought a bunch of plastic stretchy bracelets and matching adhesive covers from Beadaholique because..well, they were cheap and I have a craft supply hoarding problem.

I wanted to make "boyfriend" bracelets for cons - you know, with my anime bfs. lol.  I started compiling a list of eligible fellas, but couldn't par it down to my top 8 (insert out-dated myspace reference here). :P I'm still working on it. The only one I'm 100% including is Trunks, my first love. Haha!

Anyway, Penga-Sis thought the idea needed to be more cohesive than just random guys, so she made an attack on titan boyfriend bracelet! She found the pictures she wanted, printed and cut them to fit the circles..
Some of those are kinda questionable choices IMO. Maybe an all-Levi bracelet would've worked better.
A small dab of tacky glue was used to stick each picture into the bracelet.
Admittedly, I do have a soft spot for Connie. I don't think Levi agrees though.
 Let it dry, then just pop the adhesive backed cover sticker on top!
Armin has seen terrible things!
I love the bevel it gives - but I don't think this is waterproof or anything.  The sticker is pretty strong though, so it shouldn't fall out.
Anyway, it's a fun craft I think for kids (or fangirls)! You could put any favorite pictures inside. I still need to work on mine before Fanime!
Sis, the happy crafter!

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  1. HEheh! " I have a craft supply hoarding problem." TRUE DAT.

    This would've been a great idea for BOY BANDS!!!


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