Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Attack on Titan Greeting Card

Alright! Last card from my new batch - Shingeki no Kyojin themed!  This one is my personal favorite.

If I was in school I think I'd pass this to a friend during class, just to see if they could keep a straight face. :P
This Attack on Titan card is on cream linen paper, with a red liner. Originally I was just going to put colossal titan's face over the wall, but I thought it'd be more friendly with a greeting! It is a greeting card, afterall.  Am I the only one that often gets the theme songs stuck in my head? I don't even know the lyrics but the tunes..oh man.  The second OP was my shower jam for like, a week straight a few months ago.
And speaking of AoT, this weekend at Fanime we donned "fancy" survey corp uniform cosplay.  I will show it to you soon! It was fun, though there were so many titan cosplays it kinda got lost among the herd. :P

(And a repetitive note: this is card 4 of 4 of my new designs.  Expect a post soonish with all the designs and you'll be welcome to request them if you like. Freebs, naturally!)


  1. Love the hello bubble! Only cause... I don't get the rest of it. BUT IT LOOKS AWESOME! :D

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