Monday, May 12, 2014

Dangan Ronpa Monokuma Greeting Card

My sister, a hip teen ever in sync with the pulse of what's popular these days, made me watch Dangan Ronpa.  It's an anime based on a videogame, and the genre..well - think Ace Attorney meets Battle Royale.  There are teens locked in a world where they have to kill each other to escape, and there's also a heavy element of "who dun it" courtroom drama.

Though interesting, it's also kind of gory/morbid, so I have yet to finish the series. Though all the blood is like, bright pink, so I guess it's not that realistic :P

Anyway, there's a creepy evil bear named Monokuma in the show, and I thought he'd make a great cut-out card.
Such texture! 
His right eye really should be red, but I didn't want to glue extra paper in. I guess you could just color it in. Glitter would be cool too.

Perfect greeting card for skeeving your friends out, just a little.  Like a sister card to the Kyubey card, really. Looks like the beginnings of a creepy-cute mascot line.

(And a repetitive note: this is card 3 of 4 of my new designs.  After memorial day I'll show all the designs and you'll be welcome to request them if you like. Freebs, naturally!)


  1. Wow your interpretation and execution is amazing!!!! :) I mean only meaningful to those who know what it is, but after you showed the creepy bear, I was like WOW, that's a match! :oP


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