Friday, May 30, 2014

Fanime 2014: Cosplay

Part 2 of the Fanime posts..bring on the cosplay!

Our 2014 cosplay - dapper Attack on Titan survey corp uniforms! I'll have a detail post up later, but I'm fairly proud of my first foray into lolita sewing.  It's hard work and I was tired of ruffling things after doing just the skirt! :P
Sak, some serious side-eye. Penga-Sis as femme Armin.
The sword is a cane.
Which swivels to a sword! Handiwork of Friend E.
Femme Armin with her friend Eren.  You like the purse? Cause I've got a tutorial for you later mmmmhmmm.
Marco earrings! Poor freckle boy!
Other than AoT, Friend E also broke out the Vegeta hair again. (Tutorial here!)
And Sak and I tried our Pokemon Honeymoon Trainer cosplay again. This time three (!!!) people recognized what it was! YAY Fanime, you don't dissapoint, you master poke trainers!
Here with Cousin K, as One Piece's Kizaru
We also did Hataraku MgRonalds shirts again, though I didn't take any pics this time.

We searched for some Bravely Default cosplay, they were hard to find!
DeRosa! (Though, if you've played the game - you'd think maybe cosplaying DeRosa is a bit of a creepy character choice? :P)
And some more vidya game cosplay..
Animal Crossing! The construction on the head was superb, too.
Clever mashup of Assassin Mario Bros.!
We've all seen pimp Marios at this point - how about a pimp King Dedede from Kirby?
And the obligatory non-anime-non-Japanese-doesn't-really-belong-but-still-pretty-anyway cosplay..
There were SO MANY ELSAS. It was insane.
This MLP Applejack(?) had an apple cart, pretty cool!
Paperman cosplay! Cute!
And back to Japan..
Harima! From School Rumble, such a great character.
Majin Buu from DBZ - that expression!
Of course there has to be one Godzilla! I have yet to see the new movie..
Brock and Jenny from Pokemon - bonus points for having his eyes shut!
Honestly the heads scare me a little, but Penga-Sis really wanted a pic with them.
And two Yato cosplayers, because I am in love with the character from Noragami (watch! watch it noowww! Or read it! There's a manga and the art is beautiful!)

I started collecting gym clothes for Sak so he can do this cosplay too. Heeeh.

And last one - of Friend E's friend as armored titan - Great makeup and those contacts! Chilling!
I did not do a good job of photographing mid attack, but oh well.
This is obviously a very small sampling of wonderful cosplay at Fanime - we spent most of our time in movie rooms so we missed a lot of amazing ones for sure.

Until next year, Fanime - it's been great!


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