Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Magikarp Evolution Pokemon Greeting Card

In the beginning of the year, Friend E somehow persauded me to think about doing Artist Alley again at Fanime this year. I was lured in by the promise of short lines and a utopia of all our friends in nearby booths.  Somehow I forgot about how nerve-wrecking the process was last year.  And I started designing some new cards to put in my portfolio, since they did pretty well last year and also didn't involve days upon days of sewing.

However, this year Fanime announced that they'd be having a judging panel for artists, since there isn't enough room in the new ballroom for everyone.  So we didn't apply. Friend E will say it's in protest of the new system, and I will say it's because I'm too chicken to try.  Honestly, reading the posts of artists that were rejected makes me really sad.  At least with first come first serve, there aren't as many hurt feelings, I'd like to think.

But even though I won't be selling - I'm still pretty proud of my designs, so I'll share them over a few posts with you :) After Memorial Day I'll do an open card giveaway, so stick around if you like any of them :)

The first card is a dainty Magikarp on a crisp white card.

verrry tiny cuts. Didn't work with linen paper.
Oh my stars! It's evolved into a raging shiny gyarados!

Perfect for a graduation card, eh? The concept was friend E's idea, and I think it came out really well! Gluing the gyarados down is a pain though because of his small whiskers.

Speaking of Pokemon, I've finally weaned myself off the game with the help of Bravely Default. BD is seriously awesome.  It's an RPG by Square Enix - but it plays like it was built for the busy adult commuter.  You can play with one hand, skip all the scenes and replay them later at your convenience, speed up the battles, change the encounter rate for random monsters up or down, and even auto battle! SO NICE. And despite all the convenience, it's still a pretty tricky game! I'm max level and still need to look up the FAQs for bosses :P


  1. Your designs are always amazinggggg!!!! When you opened the card and the dragon appeared, it was like, "WHOA!"

    Definitely post your designs -- I will buy them here!!!

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