Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sherlock Greeting Card

Today's greeting card is Sherlock themed! If you haven't jumped on the BBC Sherlock fandom train yet - you really should. Each episode is pretty much a movie by itself, and there's only nine episodes so far, so it won't take long to watch.  Plus, Benedict is studly. I love his voice!

Earlier this year Penga-Sis and I watched the PBS premiere of the seventh episode, and there was much shrieking and squawking at "that-one-fangirl-dream-scene".  Anyone else react the same? So funny. I can't wait for the next season! How long do we have to wait? One, maybe two more years?

Anyway, this is a subtle card on some lovely black linen paper. A few people I showed it to "got" it, so that's good!

It's based on the wallpaper in Sherlock's apartmment. Though it's not a complete pattern match, it does come complete with a smiley face!
Works as a good, all-purpose greeting card I think. Or if you want to give your favorite detective a clue!

And speaking of Sherlock's wallpaper, I saw a girl at a con (forget which one) that wore a damask dress with the smiley face on the corner of the skirt, and on her waist sash was the apartment number, 221B.  It was very clever! Tardis dresses may be a dime a dozen now, but apartment wallpaper dresses are still pretty unique. Ha!

(And a repetitive note: this is card 2 of 4 of my new designs.  After memorial day I'll show all the designs and you'll be welcome to request them if you like. Freebs, naturally!)


  1. You're sooo creative. Only a true fan would know!!!

    1. I know you've got card designs too, lady! Post 'em! :D


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