Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DIY AoT Survey Corp Dress

Okay. Last post on this cosplay. Probably.  I figure the interest in loli Attack on Titan uniforms is pretty low, but the tutorials/methods I used are good references for many, many other projects.

Penga-Sis as model reference :)
-Purse tutorial was covered over here in this post.

-Hat we ended up not using, but I might do a post on the construction later anyway just because we went through a lot of effort and burnt fingers :P

-The cape was made with Simplicity 1771A.  I traced the  cape pattern out on newspaper, then just cut the whole length down to make a capelet instead of a knee-length cape.
I followed the pattern for the hood, but since my fabric was so thin I made the whole thing double layered (seams all hidden that way too - yip yip!)
Embarrassingly - it's pinned together at the neck with a safety pin. Because I couldn't commit on a button or a string bow and I ran out of time :P
It's super comfy though. Makes you feel positively elvish!

- The shirt was a tennis shirt my mom found at the thrift shop.  It had some wonky label on it already too. Good thing I have heat transfer vinyl! I covered that sucker right up with a fancy survey corp shield.

This is probably my favorite part of the outfit other than the purse - even though no one saw it under the cape.  It's subtle enough to be worn around with regular clothes.

- The skirt/petticoat: I used three different tutorials. For the skirt, for the waistband of the skirt, and for the petticoat.  Basically, I followed the skirt tutorial until I got to the waist, and then I switched to the half-elastic waistband tutorial.  Then for poofy cupcakeness I used the crinoline tutorial (doubling the amount of tulle and using the thick itchy stuff instead for guaranteed maximum fluff).

Other outfit bits added after our backyard photoshoot - brown fabric bows to the back of the skirt (made per the skirt tutorial), various green hairbows made with ribbon and hot glue, white $5 tights from Target, brown boots/shoes, and diy shrinky dink earrings.  Survey corp wings for me - and Marco half-faces for Penga-Sis :P

I think that just about covers it! There were a lot of components to this outfit. (In comparison, for the guys, Friend E made the sword canes and cufflinks - the vests, ties and white pants were bought from Amazon :P)

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