Monday, June 30, 2014

Miss Manga Mascara

Cousin T, ever on the edge of otaku trends, told me about a Loreal mascara called Miss Manga! Whaaaat. I told my sister, and soon we were down at CVS buying the shiny, pink $8 tube.
Is the "manga effect" supposed to make one look like a big eyed panda? @_@

The brush itself is very springy.
Since my sister is the glamorous one in the family, here is her before/after modeling:
I guess I can see a difference! But I'm not convinced she looks like a manga panda.  It's good that she kept the tube, because mascara is like, my least favorite type of make-up.  I always seem to get a clumpy :P

So what's the point here? We are suckers for otaku-consumer-commercialization. Haha. Shaaame. :P


  1. LOL. I had to study the picture a bit. True dat! Mascara and I don't know how to get along. Most likely user error... :oP

  2. Haha, more defined, at least!


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