Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nisekoi Chitoge Charm

Much to the detriment of my productivity, we have Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll access. Which means..I watch a lot of anime.  And even though I prefer binge-watching shows, Sak and I have started the habit of "watching the first episode of new series".  And then only continuing with the ones we like :P

Nisekoi was one of the 2014 winter anime series that we picked up, and I kinda liked it at first.  School life, with the two leads forced into a fake relationship by their gangster parents. Nothing too groundbreaking, but it was funny and the art was nice.

Unfortunately, as the season progressed it got more and more harem-ey. Love triangles I can do, but when it gets to three, four girls liking a guy (who really has very little in the way of attractive qualities)..Not my cup of tea (unless it's really funny).  But I'm not going to knock the harem genre too much - because I am guilty of watching my fair share of reverse harem.  There's just something about picking your favorite 1 dimensional guy and rooting for him? Haha. I usually go for the reliable, yet angry/grumpy boy that only awkwardly expresses his feelings or the intellectual megane (glasses) type. Interestingly, Sak can fit both those categories.  I am nothing if not predictable :P

In any case, I stopped watching around when girl #4 entered the scene. Episode 15 or so?  I might pick it up again later just to see if the guy picks one of the girls in the end.

I made a charm of my favorite character from the series, the tsundere - Chitoge Kirisaki.  Daughter of a mobster, she's got attitude, which I find more entertaining than the sugar-sweet type of girls :P
I wanted to draw her because her outfit is cute! It's rare to see an anime school girl uniform with a tie - much less a tie clip.
I used the printable shrinky dink material again (more info on that here) to make this charm, coated with a thin layer of clear nail polish.
It's a pretty small charm.

In other news - anyone else looking forward to the summer anime season? The re-make of Sailor Moon! Gwah! Sak is looking forward to Sword Art Season 2 more though :P

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  1. Super cute! I thought she kinda looked like Sailor Moon? Or maybe that's just the uniform they all wear in Japan.....?


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