Friday, June 20, 2014

Oahu: A Map of Food & More!

So I finally put together the Sak's map of Hawaii vacationing. Haha!  I'm sure it'll be an ever-evolving map as we do and eat new things each time we go!

It's split into three sections - food, nature (flowers and swimming and such), and shopping.

My shopping list is pretty pitiful and consists only of craft stores and used bookstores. >.>"

Anyway, I figure this would be a pretty lame post without some pictures, so here's to food shots! Haha! You can find all these places (and more!) on my map.

Masago Ahi Poke with a hint of wasabi - delicious! (from Alicia's Market)
 Dried Aku poke - chewy and oishii! (from Highway Inn)
 An example of a poke counter at Alicia's market:
Poi doughnut from Kamehameha Bakery - purpley goodness!
How about an onigiri? This one is salmon and ikura (roe)...mother and child >.>"!
From Musubi Cafe Iyasume, which has a big variety of musubi and onigiri.
How about Penga-bro's favorite brunch place - Cinnamons?  I may have inhaled this kalua pork eggs benedict!
Err. My arteries! Let's get healthy again with this tuna salad from Aloha Salads.
Okay, maybe it's not that unique. I do eat salad like, practically everyday here in California :P Let's go back to unhealthy.
Yes, that'd be a shrimp po' boy from Dat Cajun Guy, a food truck. Yummo.

More dessert? How about this cutie from a bakery in the Shirokiya?
It may be super cute, but it didn't stop me from eating it. :P

Or how about something with a cute name? The snow puffy from Paalaa Kai bakery! Light and fluffy and full of custard!

But you really can't go until you've had the shave ice from Ice Gardens. Yes, that'd be FLAN ON MY ICE. 
And to think I wasn't a big shave ice fan before :P  This is on a whole 'nother level! (No seriously, it's hard to find, go upstairs :P)

If flan isn't your thing, there might be a few other options for you :P

Lastly, you can't eat him, but if you get a smoothie from Waialua Bakery, you just might see him or his buddies hanging outside the shop railings looking for crumbs :P

Ah, now I'm hungry.

What's your favorite Oahu eateries so I can add them to my map next time? :)


  1. We're fans of Ono! Tiny lil mom and pop restaurant with like 6 tables, but the food is so good and local!

    1. Never been there! I love mom and pop type places though, I'll have to check it out next visit!

  2. OMGGGG!!! That poke counter!! We love poke so much. I want to goooo!! And was the taro donut sweet? Looks yum.

  3. Dat Cajun Guy is my favorite! The owner is super awesome. Even did a fried turkey for us last year for Thanksgiving and it was divine.

    We really like VJ's right next to DCG for their burgers and dogs, although I wasn't really as impressed with their bacon dog as I used to be the last time I had it. But yeah, we basically can't get enough of food trucks here haha.

    1. wow! that's awesome they fried you a turkey! Yess food trucks are fun :D


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