Monday, June 16, 2014

San Mateo County Fair 2014

This year, Sak and I had plans to watch War (lowrider song) preform at the San Mateo County Fair.  Unfortunately, I had a work trip pop up so we missed it.  On the positive side though, we went to the fair the next day, with my sister as well!

We grabbed some deep fried fair food and watched some amazing acrobats.

Then we checked out the (by then - 2 week old) baked good entries.
And we watched a cooking demonstration on pressure cookers.  My grandmother gave me an electric one, which I've been too scared to use!  The demo was pretty interesting, and they shared food samples at the end - the beef cheek stew was amazing!
Over in the kid handicraft hall, we have some Shield sock puppets.
And a wall of manga/storyboards!
We've got flowers..
Camouflaged succulents..
And tablescapes!
(The grass tablecloth is interesting..but wouldn't it be itchy?)
I liked this hose basket.
And also this terribly cute rabbit!

But no fair is complete without at least one ridiculously fried food - a new one for us - watermelon!
It was a perfect balance of crunchy and juicy.  So good! But you have to eat it fast, because it will get soggy.  One was enough for the three of us to share.
Another lovely evening at the fair! Now to convince Sak to go to the Alameda County Fair this week because Shaggy is playing. Lol.


  1. We went last year! :) I AM SO FASCINATED by that fried watermelon. :oP

  2. Lol, Shaggy! Our Pima County fair (just a few miles from our house) is not nearly this awesome. Some scary rides, some incense, some games, some farm animals, and a beer garden with lots of drunk hicks. I miss the Bay. ::sigh::


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