Friday, July 4, 2014

DIY Clay Fruit Stick Earrings

Clay sticks! Such an awesome thing you can find on the internet these days!
They are quite cheap, and come in oh-so-many awesome shapes and colors.
I think they are originally meant for slicing thin and gluing to your nails.  But if I did that I'd probably chew them right off within an hour.  I can barely handle nail polish, much less anything remotely 3D.

Luckily, you can also use them for other things, like decoden or jewelry.  Or things like watermelon earrings! So summery!
Chop off two thin slices.
And use some heavy duty glue (E6000 in this case) to glue to some earring posts.
Bam, watermelon earrings! Cheaper than Claire's, probably. HAHA.
There was a conversation with the ladies at church the other day about where all the seeded watermelon went. It's true - I haven't seen a non-seedless watermelon in a long time! Not that I'm complaining, seeds are a pain.  But in a few decades will the traditional look of watermelon change?  That'd be weird.
Anyway, happy 4th of July! I think I'll wear these while I hang out and eat BBQ and seedless watermelon in the land of the free today :P

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  1. These are SO CUTE!!! Are you sure you don't have an Etsy shop???


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