Monday, July 7, 2014

DIY Dessert Stand

Everyone and their mother has made one of these cake stand thingies before, but hey, what's one more? :P

After a particularly stressful day at work, I went somewhere "safe" for retail therapy: the thrift shop.  I picked up random squirrel plate and a candle holder for a couple dollars.
Doesn't the squirrel plate have something of an Alice in Wonderland vibe to it? For a common squirrel, it's pretty fancy with a gold rim and all.

Anyway, rule #1 of thrift items, wash everything thoroughly.  Then turn the candle holder over and glue the base with industrial glue.
Let it cure completely before flipping it back over.
Sweet. All done. And it's crazy strong glue too. Sak and I tried ripping it apart with no luck.
Let's test this fancy thing out with some Japanese sweets.  This one is called Shibuya potato cake.
Supposed to look like a purple sweet potato?  It's funny looking, but pretty tasty! I served it warm and paired it with some white tea.
It tastes like either slightly drier mashed sweet potato..or really really moist sweet potato flavored cake.

Anyway, have you made a cake plate yet?  They are easy to make and come out so cute! But the problem is storage! Cake plates are notoriously hard to find room for in small kitchens :P

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