Wednesday, July 2, 2014

For the Hoard: Organizing Jewelry Making Supplies

Mmm. You know that feeling when you have a specific project in mind, and you rush to grab your needle nose pliers...only to see that they've suddenly run off to Narnia along with your library card and a couple of mismatched socks?

Yeah, my craft supplies, once neatly kept in their little cubbies, have since expanded into random boxes and bags throughout the house.  To start, here's the round-up of the jewelry making supplies (or what I estimate to be about 85% of it):
Mugghhhh.  Anyway. I'm going to slowly attempt to re-organize my hoard, taking a general inventory of my stash in the process.  Going through this first try was interesting - "Oh! when did I get this charm/tool/insert random-object-here ?!" Dangerous. Hoarding runs in my family, guys. I gotta keep it under control.

First I re-purposed my button tray to hold all the findings. Jump rings, earring posts, chains, etc.   Shaking this box will just move things from one cell to another, so I decided to keep everything in little baggies to minimize random things flying out upon opening.
For the second box, a standard photo-box, I've got pre-made jewelry kits, wire, little zip up baggies, a wigjig, a knot maker, various pliers and cutters, and a box of charms.
Charms were removed from any cardboard packaging, and were also individually bagged.
And the last, most tedious box: beads.  I used an old mooncake tin and many of my mom's old film canisters.  I stored beads in film cans before, but with the lids on you could never tell what was inside.
This time I bagged the contents, and left the lids off. I'm still not convinced this is the best method, but we'll see how it works out.
Anyway, I was able to save a lot of space by removing all the bulky packaging and switching to baggies instead.  I also took a lot of the saved broken jewelry, salvaging the pieces I wanted and removing the rest.

Though it's not very pretty (no coordinated, matching boxes), it is nice and neat, back in its cubby!
How many cubbies left? =_="

How do you store your jewelry making supplies? Any good tips?


  1. Uggggggh I gotta reorganize my stuff too...

  2. I love how neat and organized this looks! And thanks for reminding me organizing my crafts is something on my to-do list haha. Oh, and by the way, I totally am digging the WoW pun in your title! :)


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