Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun Tanuki Charm

Since we bought a Crunchyroll subscription in the beginning of the year, we've been trying to keep up with all the latest anime. I prefer to binge watch, but having to wait a week for the next episode at least keeps me from being an all-night couch potato. :P

Our strategy for the summer season is to watch at least episode 1 of everything, and then only continue the things that we like.  It's kind of interesting, actually - I ended up keeping two shows I would have normally passed over purely on cover art - Sabagebu and Locodol.  Both are all-girl moe-type anime, but they are pretty funny and cute, so I'm still watching :P

Anyway, Sak thinks I should write up my thoughts on each of the shows this season, but that sounds like way too much work.  Plus other people already write really good reviews, so maybe I'll just stick to things I don't mind spending time on - crafts.  
The anime I was most looking forward to this summer was in fact, not Sailor Moon or SAO 2. Ha! It was actually Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun, a simple comedy anime.  I really enjoy the manga, which is 4-koma style (4 panel comic type manga).  In general I like light-hearted comedies and romances. What can I say? I'm a simple lady.
The anime/manga is about a girl who finds out her crush is really a famous mangaka, and she ends up working as his assistant along with his other friends. Hijinks ensue.  It's cute because the dude is pretty manly, but writes girly comics. And the girl is fairly upfront about liking him, but he's too dense to notice. :P Lots of shoujo jokes.
One of the other mangaka really likes to draw tanuki on everything, so that's where the charm inspiration came from! Ever since seeing a real tanuki last year, it might just be one of my favorite animals. :P  I put him on a headphone plug (bought the clear plugs in a pack at Ichibankan for $1.50)

As for the show/manga, I just wish there was more relationship progression, but since it's 4-koma it might not ever get there.  It's just the nature of the style, I guess - kind of like how most characters never age in American newspaper comics.

But if you're looking for a cute comedy, give it a try, it's fun. And the tanuki are cute.

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