Friday, August 1, 2014

Anniversary #4 Level Up!

Well, I'm already a day late, but that's because I was busy sitting on the couch playing Lego Harry Potter with Sak the past few nights.  Spending time together is more important than a timely blog post, I'd like to think.  But before you think that it was a romantic lovey-dovey time spent together - no. Sak and I play horrible co-op.

"OMG go over there! Over there! Now jump up. Jump UP. UP. What is WRONG WITH YOU."

"Really? Shark Krum? You're going to play as Shark Krum?" *eyeroll*

"If you AK* me one more time I'm not going to play with you anymore."

*avada kedavra

Impatient outbursts aside, I've loved these past four years of married time spent together.  I'd say this year has probably been a little more difficult for Sak, since I've been coming home late nearly every night due to my expanded responsibilities at the office.  Things we used to do together - shopping, cooking (aka take-out) - he now does on his own, which is something I simultaneously appreciate and feel slightly bad about. To think - I used to make him lunches when we first started working. Pfft. How was that even possible? I can't even tell what I want to eat for dinner an hour beforehand on most days.  Luckily he has a nice cafeteria that serves eggs bennie on Fridays so I don't feel the least bit guilty about not making lunch, haha.

For this anniversary, Sak gifted me a videogame (Lego Indy, since verbally abusive co-op is apparently our thing) , and I gifted him some fancy dark choco and wine.  So we are either some sort of reverse stereotype, or we just really bought things for ourselves. @_@  In any case, I think it's good because they are things we can both share!

How Sak puts up with my constant scheming, projects and half-baked plans (and the whining and begging for help that usually comes with them) I'll never know.  But I'm glad he does, because I couldn't think of a better otaku to have had married.
Shark Krum. (source)


  1. Awwwww! Happy Anniversary! :) LOL yay Lego Indy! :) Tim and I also play Lego _____ games. Or we used to... we've been busy painting and doing house things. Not to mention we have no TV... yet.

    1. you should blog again! All your house projects!!

  2. I just got Lego Harry Potter for my birthday! It's been on my Amazon wishlist for years, so I am pretty excited to play it. :-)

  3. That's so awesome!! Happy anniversary!!


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