Monday, August 11, 2014

Keroro Gunsou Japanese Regional "Landmark" Charms

Lately I've been spending my evenings planning for our upcoming Japan trip. When we went 4 years ago I had pretty much zero planning input since I didn't know what to expect, and was rather preoccupied with wedding prep.  But this time (to Sak's exasperation) I have a "must-experience" list a mile long.  I'd like to do a breakdown later of the plan, but so far it's pretty good split between otaku things and historical things.

Part of the planning included dragging out all the pamphlets, maps and other things from four years ago to see what was still useful.  I also found all the Keroro charms I had collected while there! Still unopened in their cute packaging. Hrm.  Any good ideas on a nice way to display charms/netsuke?
These are from Tokyo - Tokyo Tower, Asakusa, and maid-Kero from Akiba!
Takoyaki and whale shark Kero from Osaka, Momotaro-kero from Okayama
The cool thing about these strap charms is that each one represents a different city/region that we visited. (Except for Okinawa. I have no idea where that one came from since we didn't go to Okinawa..)
Dim Sum Kero from Yokohama, and Kyushu and Okinawa Keros
Actually, Kyushu Kero is pretty random looking >.>"

Being that I can't really remember buying each of these - what sort of shops they were in, what other options there were, what we were doing that day - makes me kinda sad that I didn't blog our trip more in-depth. My goal is to really write it up this time around.  I'd say that it'll be boring for you and a good memory-log for me, but really - is anything in Japan boring? Pfft.
Himeji Kero, Miyajima Kero, and Hakone Kero
Unfortunately, these were 2009/2010 series charms, so I doubt I'll be able to add to the same collection when we go back.  Maybe they are still making 2014 Keroro things?  If so, that'd be awesome, but I'd be equally happy collecting regional Attack on Titan charms, huhuhu.
Even found a clear file that shows all the different keros per region! 

Here's the general area we'll be visiting this time.
I really like that pretty much every city in Japan has a "regional specialty".  It may be super touristy to have to slurp up green tea soba in Kyoto, or to have to buy Tokyo bananas when in the big city - but it's fun!  I guess the equivalent would be that you'd have to share a sourdough clam chowder bowl in SF or something.  I tried to think of more examples but it's a lot less clear for US cities I think. Like, what is the "regional food" of LA?  Even clam chowder isn't really an SF only thing, it's a big "tourist" food for pretty much any West Coast town.


  1. "Dim Sum Kero"! haha! Oh collecting things on travel is fun. :) For US cities, I think it's like the hearts in SF? Like the ones people "sponsor" and someone "paints" and then it gets displayed around the city. When I was like in middle or high school, in the Twin Cities in Minnesota, they had a Peanuts collection where people would paint different Charlie Browns and Snoopys and they'd be around the city! I liked going around and taking pictures with them.

    When we went to Europe last fall (oh you know right before I let my blog go into DEATH SILENCE) I downloaded Day One app and made journal entries each day to help me remember! And it lets you attach a picture and include the weather and coordinates/location (if you want). Ohhhh Sephora used to offer this app for free ( but not anymore.... :(

    1. that sounds useful! I'll have to look up that app!


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