Monday, August 4, 2014

Levi Attack on Titan Tights

Living up to her title of the best cousin that ever was, Cousin T sent the MOST AWESOME tights in the mail. Levi from AOT! ::eyes roll back as I dissolve in happy fan-girl squeals and bouncy tap dancing::
Printed tattoo tights just might be the greatest trend ever.
Comes in Eren as well, but we all know Levi takes the cake :)
The big question is whether these awesome stockings would fit on my non-petite-asian-legs. My measurements were just on the upper limit listed on the package, huhu. No thigh gap here, just some thunder thighs. :P

Luckily I could squeeze in without them feeling like they'd break.
They are so cool! They look like I printed onto my leg, lol.

Levi did get a bit stretched out though.
Tights are so delicate though.  I don't think I've ever worn a pair a whole day without getting a run/snag or two.  So I'll have to be very careful with these and where I wear them.  I think they'd go great with a casual survey corp outfit - maybe if I just trade out my poofy skirt for a brown mini skirt?
Kinda looks like they are white tights, but no - that's just my pasty skin. @_@
 Big thanks to Cousin T - she always has the coolest finds! I forgot that we were supposed to try and make our own custom tattoo tights - maybe we should renew that effort!

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