DIY Projects

Here's a simple list of past (and in some cases, ongoing) projects we've worked on!
(And for even more projects, you can look through my old wedding blog.)

Puffy Ribbon Lei
Two-toned Puffy Ribbon Lei
Spiral Ribbon Lei
Braided Ribbon Lei
Washer Lei
Candy Lei
Soda Tab Lei
Spiral Lanyard Ribbon Lei

Accessories and Bags
Roll-Up Make-Up Bag
Drawstring Purse
Nyan Cat Bag
Usamimi Japanese Bunny Headband
Felt Bows
Tote Bag
Duct Tape Bow
Twilight Ring
Attack on Titan Photo Bracelet
Clay Stick Earrings

Price is Right Screen Print Tees
Haramaki Stomach Warmer
Two-Tier Skirt
Bedsheet Skirt (Power Ranger) (Pokemon)
Star Wars Fabric Dress

Kamina Glasses
Psyduck Hat and Dress (part 1) (part 2)
Mario Mushroom Plushie
Zelda Headbands
Power Ranger Shirt
Casual Keroro Gunsou (part 1) (part 2)
Casual White Mage
Dragonball Z Boots
Kuragehime Clara Jellyfish Plushie
Kid Link
Kid Fairy Tail Happy & Pantherlily
Hataraku Maou-Sama
Attack on Titan 3D Maneuver Gear Purse
Attack on Titan Survey Corp Dress

Shoji Screen Headboard (part 1) (part 2)
Craft Storage
Deck Painting
Rusty Table Painting
Cylon Toaster Cover
Framed Card Art
Keep Calm Poster
Window Fabric Covers
Latch Hook Area Rug (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)
Throw Pillow Cover
Dishtowel Pillows
Burrito Method Pillowcase
Fleece Blanket
Coat Rack Tree
Dessert Stand

Arts and Crafts
Paint Spray (Pokemon) Silhouettes 
Silicone Stamps
Eraser Rubber Stamps
Painted Canvas Clock
LOST Greeting Cards
Sushi Roll Pillow
Rice Bag Heating Pad
Laptop Sleeve
Food Eraser Magnets
Etched Attack On Titan Glasses
Shrink Film Charms (maou) (chitoge) (rikka)

Totoro Felty
Bleach Kon Felty
Zelda Kikwi Felty
Moogle, Slime, Clara Felties
Attack on Titan Felty
Pokemon Espurr Felty
Camel Felty
Felted bear

Han Solo Soap
Zelda Rupee Soap
Silicon Molds
Flan Soap
Halloween Soap
Zelda Heart Container Soap

Star Garland

Silhouette Cameo Cuts
Dr. Who Stationery & Part 2
Baby Onesies
Les Miserables Folder
Wedding Card
Zelda Heart Card
Senior Party Invites
Pokemon Magikarp Card
Dangan Ronpa Monokuma Card
Attack on Titan Card
Sherlock Card

Scrapbook Manga Page
Invitation Wedding Card (version 1) (version 2) (version 3)
Kusudama Flower Bouquet
Screenprint Bridesmaid Shirts

Poinsettia Pins Christmas Favors
Salt Dough Ornaments
Easter Bible Verse Banner
Halloween Party Invitations (version 2)
Pac-Man Ghost Garland
Paper Rat Silhouettes
Fall Wreath 
Kirigami Spiderwebs
Candy Corn Bunting
Pokemon Christmas Card
Panda Charm Valentines Card